Salé Sharifi . Visual Artist ​​​​​​​

“Flowers? Flowers.” | First of all, what pulled me to this subject was the visual beauty of flowers. Little by little, painting and sketching flowers and plants, I figured out their expressiveness. This series, primarily, is a visual study of flowers, on not knowing the names, makes and breeds of which, I have been consistently insistent, so that the study would remain pure, sensual, and visual. My infatuation with four centuries of painting, from 16th centu- ry till the end of the 19th century, pulled me, naturally, towards painters like Rachel Raysch, Jan Davidsz de Heemm, Julie Harris and others. During this journey, I encountered with paintings by botanists who were not actually known as painters in their lifetime. Works of these fantastic gardeners amazed me to a great extent and proved influential on this series. Moreover, upon my daily practice, delicacy and technique in gen- eral, grew more and more important. The planning of the overall compositions of the works and the composition of each and every flower and plant was always accompanied by an adventurous chal- lenge. My intention was to work on an old subject with a contemporary perspective. Semantically, these works bring discursive words to my mind, which I will relate in the same sporadic manner: beauty / color / delicacy / eroticism / human / smoothness / despair / odor / sorrow / excitement / suspension / love / water / time / danger / body / food / liquid / war / sexuality / memory / fantasy / distress / delight / silence / life.​​​​​​​